The gates of DreamVille have opened for weekend 2 of Tomorrowland 2023

The gates of DreamVille have opened for weekend 2 of Tomorrowland 2023

Amazing performances by Andromedik, Henri PFR, Kevin de Vries, Lost Frequencies, MANDY, Regi, Yves V and many more at The Gathering

Friday, 28 July 2023 - Ready for the second weekend of Tomorrowland? After welcoming more than 15.000 neighbors at the festival grounds of De Schorre during the yearly Tomorrowland Neighborhood Party on Wednesday, the gates of DreamVille have opened again with more than 38.000 People of Tomorrow from all corners of the world arriving in Boom and settling in at Tomorrowland’s official camping site located right next to the festival.

The special Tomorrowland Party Trains with live DJ sets coming from Amsterdam and Düsseldorf made their way again to Antwerp on Thursday. Global Journey travelers who arrived on Thursday and are staying in a hostel or hotel got the chance to go to Invited Brussels, an official Global Journey pre-party at Gare Maritime Food Market in Brussels (once Europe’s largest railway station for goods on the Tour & Taxis site) on Thursday evening, featuring a brand-new stage embedded in the local architecture. Global Journey travelers who arrived on Wednesday or earlier were surprised with an exclusive Belgian Journey on Thursday, discovering the beauty of the city of Antwerp full of activities together with fellow People of Tomorrow.

At DreamVille, all guests headed to The Gathering, the festival’s official open-air opening party bursting with energy and amazing performances by Andromedik, Henri PFR, Kevin de Vries, Lost Frequencies, MANDY, Regi, Yves V and many more.

The sustainability platform Love Tomorrow is dedicated to transforming Tomorrowland into a beacon of sustainability. One of Love Tomorrow’s projects is The Recycle Club, which began at DreamVille in 2015. The Recycle Club makes it fun, easy and accessible to recycle, consisting of The Recycle Club House, Recycle Points, Recycle Teams and Recycle Kits. Waste can be deposed here in exchange for recycle tokens, which are usable in the Recycle Shop where you can buy Loop Earplugs, Tomorrowland socks made from recycled yarns, reusable water bottles and more.

Almost 600 volunteers make up the Recycling Teams who are responsible for cleaning 1.2km2, and empty over 3.000 bins in the neighborhood and parking lots, 13.000 bins at Tomorrowland, 1.000 in the backstage area and over 1.800 bins at DreamVille. There are 70 volunteers carrying Recycle Backpacks to collect waste on the festival site and at DreamVille.

Launched in 2016 in partnership with Ecoso on the vibrant grounds of Tomorrowland to reduce the pile of left behind tents, matrasses and other camping gear at DreamVille, Camp2Camp has one compelling objective – to transform the festival camping experience into a circular, ecological, and socially uplifting story. Aiming to ensure the longevity and value of camping gear, Love Tomorrow inspires festivalgoers to tread lightly, bring only what’s necessary and to leave no trace behind. Camp2Camp breathes new life into abandoned camping gear, preserving and giving them a second, third, and even fourth chance to be a part of the magic that is Tomorrowland. Each piece of gear, whether it be a tent, sleeping bag, or camping chair, is collected after the festival, meticulously cleaned, and lovingly repaired. Post-revival, this equipment becomes part of an exciting rental service, set up and waiting for People of Tomorrow on arrival, allowing them to travel light and carefree.

DreamVille 2023 - facts & figures

  • 38.000 DreamVille guests per weekend
  • 78 hectares = 780.000 square meters = the size of 145 football fields
  • 19 different types of accommodation packages
  • 900 showers
  • 1.000 toilets
  • Nearly 300 different tents
  • 50.000m2 of steel road plates + 72.000m2 of wooden walkways

Follow the magic of Tomorrowland 2023 live on One World TV and One World Radio via and the Tomorrowland App.

Tomorrowland Belgium 2023 ​
​Weekend 1: Friday July 21 – Sunday July 23
​Weekend 2: Friday July 28 – Sunday July 30
​Boom, Belgium

Debby Wilmsen Press Coordinator & Spokeswoman, Tomorrowland
Jordy Van Overmeire PR Coordinator, Tomorrowland
About Tomorrowland Belgium

Celebrating 20 years of Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland Belgium 2024 will take place across two weekends from July 19-21 and July 26-28. Set to open up a new world in the beautiful scenery of De Schorre in Boom in the summer of 2024, the festival’s new theme ‘LIFE’ is the prequel of the 2016 ‘Elixir of Life’ theme.

Tomorrowland is one of the largest and most iconic music festivals in the world held in recreation area De Schorre in Boom, Belgium, organized and owned by the original founders, the brothers Beers. Tomorrowland was first held in 2005 and has since become one of the world’s most notable global music festivals, where music and magic converge to create an unparalleled experience. It takes place every year in summer and stretches over 2 weekends, welcoming 400,000 People of Tomorrow from over 200 countries, and selling out in minutes year after year. Offering a unique camping experience with a wide range of accommodations, DreamVille is Tomorrowland’s official camping site located right next to the festival grounds, while people from every corner of the world can travel to Tomorrowland thanks to Global Journey, Tomorrowland's official travel program. Tomorrowland is located in a beautiful natural place: recreation area De Schorre in the town of Boom in Belgium. It is a true fairy tale world situated in beautiful natural surroundings with a strong eye for detail such as enchanting décor, magical stages, fascinating acts and peripheral animations, tasty and healthy food & drinks from around the world and spectacular fireworks – an unforgettable and incomparable show. Every year, the festival features a special theme that inspires the famed Mainstage design and stage production.

Tomorrowland caters to all genres in electronic dance music with hundreds of renowned artists performing across more than 16 different stages. More than a festival, Tomorrowland is a celebration of diversity and unity. Being a home to hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life, one of the most unique things about Tomorrowland remains the whole world coming together in one magical place with everyone being equal and uniting as one – symbolizing the values of freedom, respect, diversity, and solidarity. 

Tomorrowland Belgium 2024
Weekend 1: Friday July 19 – Sunday July 21
Weekend 2: Friday July 26 – Sunday July 28
Boom, Belgium

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